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Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Shop Tour - Stitch

I'm of the opinion that a beautiful shop should invite it's visitors in, instantly making them feel at home, and usher them out feeling wonderfully inspired.
Welcome to Stitch.
This "sanctuary for knitters, quilters and needle artists" does just that.
Owner Jocelyn Chamberlain has pulled together the most inspiring collection of materials and displayed them amongst a stunning collection of vintage treasures. The moment you walk into her shop, housed perfectly in a quaint old cottage, you can't help but want to do nothing more than make yourself a cup of tea, retreat in one of the many inviting chairs, and stitch happily away.
She's located in Jordan Village and worth a lovely afternoon out.
Her shop exudes personality. Everywhere you look, your eye falls on something unique and colourful and inspiring.
The back of her shop houses a bright, comfortable sitting area that provides the perfect retreat for a group that meets weekly to chat and work on their projects. Opposite this is a gorgeous harvest table, perfect for quilting projects and lessons. And in the middle is a massive brick fireplace that makes the entire area so perfectly cozy.
She even has a tiny kitchen off the back complete with tin ceilings and open cabinets stocked with pretty red and white dishware. It's like a little English cottage kitchen.
The front of the shop is filled with every shade of yarn, every pattern of fabric and anything else you could possible need for whatever you project might be working on. And it's all so beautifully displayed. Old cabinets house yarn and material. Vintage notions are tucked here and there amongst rustic antiques. Even the shop itself is stunning with it's exposed beams, brick walls, bright old windows and worn old floors.
Stop in and find something beautiful to work on during these next few winter months - the projects are endless.