Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Bremfield's - A New Store

My parents have started off the New Year with a wonderful new adventure.

Finally, after many, many years of patiently waiting for the right timing, they took the leap and bought their dream store.

For three years my dad has made probably weekly trips by, or to, this store. He got to know it's previous owners personally, and fell in love with it. I think anyone else would have given up long ago on it. Written it off, and jumped on the next best thing. But he knew this was it. Everything else was always compared to this store, and never matched it.

Finally, it's theirs.


I couldn't be more excited and proud.

And now the fun begins - making it their own.

On the right hand tool bar is a link to their blog, which will document their adventures. I hope you follow along.

Anyone who was able to make it out to my annual Vintage Tag Sale would have met them. They ran the sale for me while I laid in bed, sick.

You may have even brought home one of the fifty-something pies my mom made, or enjoyed a gooey butter tart with a coffee while browsing.

Here is their new location.

91 Main St. West in Port Colborne, Ontario.

The store is actually two that have been converted into one. They will be living in the apartment above.

The store below will be a combination of all the things they love.
A small bakery and cafe, fresh flowers, and antiques.

Once they got the keys, it seemed like the entire family showed up to help them get settled and paint.

It was a painting party!

You would not believe how quickly a place can transform with a new coat of paint. And how quickly when so many people are painting!

In one day, they got most of the apartment painted and started moving furniture up that night.

Because the store downstairs will require quite a bit of work, their main goal was to simply spruce the apartment up, make it their own and only fix what's was absolutely necessary.

I have the most amazing family ever.

Here are a few sneak peaks of the transformation so far.


  1. OMG! LOVE LOVE LOVE your parents new home and business, something that I have always wanted to do, I will be following along for sure to see the transformation and their future endeavors, you have an amazing family and I am sure you slept well that night after rushing home to cook an amazing meal for your Mother in Law...hugs

  2. Looks wonderful Maria. How exciting for your Parents...I wish them loads of success xx

  3. Wow it looks like so much fun!! Congrats to your parents and wishing them many Blessings in there new adventures!!

  4. I was at your sale and met your parents..I'm excited for them..another place to shop!! Squealing with delight..wishing them all the best! Your link on the side brings me to no where..says cannot be found?

  5. Fantastic! What a leap! It looks like quite an adventure and I am happy for them and the family that jumps in an helps! Wishing them lots of luck and good times!

  6. How wonderful! This would be a dream come true for me. I'm definitely going to be following along on the adventure.
    Best of luck.

  7. i'm a recent follower of your blog and just love it. i'm already looking forward to your yard sale this summer. i will be sure to visit your parents new store; can't wait to hear more about it.

  8. Been to the shop twice, and love it. The whole ambiance of the place is so unique and wonderful. Will be back, with friends, many times more.

  9. anonymous May 3, 2014 Had the BEST cinnamon buns ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! Will be back many times. You also have a beautiful store and family. Thanks for coming to Port Colborne.


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