Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Peeping Crocuses

[via Flicker Album - virginiapoet]

I woke up to a morning heavy with fog, and damp from a night full of rain.

My day was made a bit brighter, however, when I noticed those miraculous first signs of spring. My crocuses were making their way out of the damp spring soil.

How are your gardens looking as signs of spring slowly start appearing?


  1. No signs of spring popping up here yet! Oh wait....I did see a couple of green weeds the other day! LOL

  2. Lovely photo, aren't they cute the way they poke up through the clutter. I'm really enjoying Spring in the U.K....impatiently waiting for the next spring flowers to appear. Robx

  3. Maria ~
    I am so excited to have found
    you through Sandi's blog ~
    Your blog is beautiful !!



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