Friday, February 28, 2014

New Frames and Spring Bulbs

Is it Spring yet?

It's nearly March and it seems as though everyone except mother nature is ready for this cold weather to lift, and warm temperatures to start moving in.

This morning it's 21 degrees below zero. And that's before the wind chill!

However, to make the weather a little more bearable, the grocery store had buckets of beautiful Spring bulbs this week.

My bright, yellow Daffodils remind me that despite how deceiving the weather currently is, warm Spring weather is right around the corner. 

Another discovery while shopping was this antique frame that I found while looking for a light fixture with my mom. It was in an antique shop down the road from them called The Duke and Duchess.

The painting that I got for Christmas from Ryan fit perfectly in it. It's now beside my chair in the living room. At $35 I thought it was a good find.

You can read more about the beautiful painting here.

I also found some Hyacinths, which always fill the house with the scent of a garden blooming in early Spring.

While cleaning out an area of our basement, I came across a collection of small gold frames I've collected from thrift stores over the years. At 50 cents each, a small collection of them isn't expensive, but they make a pretty display on our dresser.

And our home isn't the only place that's ready for the arrival of Spring!

I was excited to see that my parents had started setting up the shop. It will be opening soon, and it's coming together so nicely.

The Oxalis (Four Leaf Clovers) are already out on display among some of the beautiful antique pieces they've been collecting. 


  1. It all looks so beautiful, Maria!

  2. hi maria
    i just drove by this building where bremfield's is going last week and was remembering talking to the lady who ran it when it was an antique shop.
    very excited to visit once your parents are open for business. will you be involved with your vintage items at all?
    your home looks lovely and refreshing as always.

  3. The spring blooms look lovely in your beautiful home. The gold frames make a lovely collection for your treasured photos. Your parents' shop looks like it will be a lovely spot to visit.

  4. Your painting & frame are lovely - landscapes are my favorite. Over the weekend I couldn't resist buying some daffodils & tulips, love looking at them throughout our home. So exciting to watch the progression of Bremfields!!

  5. It has been awhile since I last visited, Maria I have been watching and following along with your parents Bremfields updates and it is looking gorgeous...I love what you frame that you chose for the painting, suits it to a tee, hugs

  6. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Maria,
    I am always so inspired when I come by to see your site.
    Your photos are just beautiful. I love the Spring touches that you've added to your home.
    It's hard to see/feel Spring when you add daffodils to your space :0)
    Have a beautiful day,


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