Friday, July 24, 2015

Antique Finds - Floral Frog, Trinket Box and Soap Dish

While away this past week, I visited quite a few antique shops. I even managed to find a few small  items that I could fit into my suitcase and fly back with. There were some lovely items I would have wanted to purchase, including quite a few old creel baskets, some larger ironstone, and a beautiful old painting, but they just simply wouldn't fit.

I found this larger round flower frog for $9.00.

I picked some herbs that were in flower this evening from our herb garden, along with some Honeysuckle and Astilbe. It made for a very whimsical and airy arrangement, for which the flower frog comes in handy, and it smelled divine.

This little ironstone soap dish will go in one of the bathrooms when it's renovated. It was $12.00.

And finally, this little ironstone trinket box. I've never really seen one quite like it. I love to collect  little unique pieces, especially ones like this, with the more ornate handle. It was $12.00, and will go on my night table.


  1. Oh, beautiful, beautiful! I have an old frog too that I must bring out to enjoy. Your vignette with the white ironstone and lovely is really is the small wonders that make me smile. Enjoy yet another fine summer weekend! Anita

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