Monday, November 2, 2015

Halloween Celebrations

This Halloween can officially go down as the most relaxed Halloween to date.

I, for once, was actually ready for Halloween. 

We had the boys costumes finished days before, and they sat hanging with their treat bags, and glow sticks, with my candy at the front door. We agreed on simple, inexpensive costumes - a knight and an orange butterfly (Hudson insisted this was all he wanted to be, so we happily obliged).

The boys went out with Ryan when he got home from work, and while they were out and about, I put some music on and got food ready for after, when we'd celebrate Ryan's birthday (yes, on October 31st). And when the boys had enough walking around, they came home and we all enjoyed an evening by the fire.

My sisters even joined us to celebrate.

And while I didn't go crazy with decorations (we didn't even carve pumpkins!), Willen and I did bring all the pumpkins to the front entrance to make it more inviting.

Here is Hudson in his costume. I would love to take credit for his beautiful butterfly wings, but that was all Ryan. And I never ended up getting a photo of Willen in his costume as he was too busy looking for his sword. That was the only stressful moment I guess... Somehow despite it being set out for him, in the half hour before they left, it managed to disappear for a few minutes. 

They were all smiles as they dumped their bags out and took stock of their loot. It's so much fun when they're so little and enjoy it so much.

And now it's November. That means it's time to start getting ready for Christmas!

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  1. Looks fun! And happy birthday, Ryan! We only had one trick-or-treater, as we live at the top of a steep hilly driveway so we basically dumped the bowl of candy in his sack (I'm sure this did not thrill his parents the way it did him) and then spent a cozy evening. I must be getting old but it was kind of nice not having to get up to answer the door every few minutes. :-)


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