Sunday, March 20, 2016

First Day of Spring

Happy first day of Spring!

While the temperatures were still quite cool today, we enjoyed a day full of sunshine. The warmth will come, and when it does, I can't wait to throw open the windows and air out the house.

I haven't done much in the way of changing the house for the season, but I have added a few potted Hydrangeas (a favourite of mine) around the house. I also have some fragrant Spring bulbs planted as well. If you're local, you can pick up these Hydrangeas in Blue and Pink, as well as an assortment of bulbs at the shop.

I just couldn't get over how many blooms were on this one!

Aside from that, I'm looking forward to tackling some Spring cleaning, and hosting Easter dinner this weekend.

And while it's not cleaning, we've slowly been checking small items off our to-do lists like hanging artwork etc... This was a painting I picked up at Christie's Antique Show last Spring, I can't wait for this year's show at the end of May.

Isn't the sunlight just wonderful?

And as today is the first day of Spring, I took a walk through our gardens to see what new growth was popping up. This is our first Spring in this house, so I had no idea what, if anything, would pop up where. I was thrilled to find some patches of Daffodils,

Finally, in preparation for Spring Cleaning, here is a great little Spring Cleaning list I came across from Jenny Hobbick at Everyday Occasions. I plan to use it to organize my own list. This is her example, but if you follow the link above, you can find blank printables.


  1. Spring looks beautiful in your room of family comfort. I love that raw cabinet behind the sofa, with the simple prairie horse canvas that sets the mood for this rooms space perfectly. I agree with you, the sun that brightens even the whitest whites here is perfection.
    The sofa I have a crush on it :)

    See you soon.
    Happy Spring and family Easter gathering.


  2. Beautiful. I love that painting..and the sunshine pools..
    Yah spring! Wishing you a lovely week..

  3. Its really beautiful. You have arranged all the things in such a beautiful manner. As spring has came so its necessary that we should be ready with our hvac system. Get repaired or maintain HVAC service New Jersey your hvac system so that you can enjoy this season comfortably.


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