Wednesday, June 3, 2020

design - kitchen inspiration

[ nine & sixteen for Victoria Magazine]

I wanted to share some of the inspiration behind my design for the kitchen. It was the hardest room in the house to design, by far, because I had never stepped foot in it. Having to design an island and figure out how the layout would function was so challenging for me. I really feel like you need to live in a space before truly understanding how it functions best, hence why a lot of it has yet to be finished. We decided to build the island, as we needed that to function, but hold off on any other cabinetry and just re-purpose what was existing.

It was also important for me to have some antique pieces incorporated into the design and it takes time to find those perfect pieces. I love the cozy feel of the space Tessa designed (above), and it was what convinced me to keep our small antique table.
[de Vol via @cotswoldsinteriors]

I love the look of unlacquered brass, especially with marble.

[de Vol Kitchens]

I also love the warmth and character of exposed beams. This kitchen from de Vol also convinced me to commit to a darker island, and by darker I mean not white. The colour I selected was Edgecomb Grey by BM.

[de Vol Kitchens]


This kitchen was a huge inspiration in the designing of our island. I just love the simplicity. This, and the kitchen above, were also very influential on the style of the island - simple, shaker style feeling very English.


Catherine of In The Fields is always so inspiring. From how she uses antique finds to bring beauty to the everyday items, to the lovely open shelves of her former  kitchen. I'm looking forward to seeing how she finishes her new one.

[Julie Blanner]
I also always love the simplicity of Julie Blanner's kitchen. She probably convinced me to commit to the brass faucet. I also love her hood and plan to design something similar, but in reclaimed pine from the original floorboards.

[dreamlightforyou - Etsy]

I'm waiting for this Etsy shop to reopen so I can order the pendant lights for above our island.


Another lovely sink - this one from June Home Supply. I also love the very simple open shelves.

[@cat_in_france - Rabbit Hill]

Cat's beautiful home, filled with all of her lovely antiques, is also a huge inspiration. To me, it embodies a personal kitchen; one that functions according to it's owners needs and style of cooking. I plan to add a wooden piece for between my range and fridge..

[Martha Stewart Living]

On top of the wooden piece by the range will be a set up similar to this one in Martha's Kitchen. I love the urns filled with cooking tools and the storage underneath. Functional and beautiful. I also love the putty-beige colour of her kitchen with the gorgeous marble tops. Again, a kitchen curated around how it's owner uses it.

[Barefoot Contessa]

I also need to find a large basket, similar to this, but to conceal my garbage and recyclables.

While I love a good, satisfying before and after, the designing of our home is something that takes time. It evolves as we live. I'm okay with that process. In fact, I enjoy it. And I have a feeling so many of you enjoy seeing the process just as much as the final reveal.


  1. Ha! I saw your IG story and thought I'd look for inspiration for our kitchen! Thank you for the mention. I hope to use that same wicker tray in our future drawer (it's been about four years or so that it's been 'waiting' to be used again). I so wish we could do the marble (or marble looking). I love how crisp and clean it looks. Thank you for the inspiration, such great images of wonderfully appointed kitchens. Catherine

  2. Hilarious. I look forward to seeing it!


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