Monday, September 13, 2010

Fresh From The Garden

So last night, before everyone came, I was setting all my dishes out on my buffet, getting everything ready for coffee. My husband came in, looked at the buffet and said "You know what you need, right in the center of that piece? A big arrangement of flowers!" Laughing to myself about the fact that maybe he would remember that as he passed the florist tomorrow on his way from work (not), in walked my mother and sister in law. First, my mother in law handed me a vase filled with the prettiest bunch of creamy white flowers (I actually can't remember the name of them at this minute) from her garden. Next, my sister in law said "Happy Belated Birthday!" and handed over this massive green vase filled with an array of things from her garden - coleus, false sunflowers, hosta leaves and even some pretty, droopy pink "thing" that no one knew.
It always amazes me how much flowers can brighten a room - and my mood! They're a beautiful hostess gift and can be very cost effective if you have a garden with a wide variety of choices!

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