Tuesday, February 19, 2013

A Peter Rabbit Themed Baby Shower

This past Saturday we celebrated the birth of my nephew, Levi Robert Oblak, with a shower.

The theme was Peter Rabbit - a perfect theme for a shower in the midst of winter, and one that was a lot of fun planning for!
Here are a few photos of our tea.

Going with the idea of Mr. McGreggor's garden and wanting to make the house feel a little more like Spring, I used some old clay pots I had bought a while ago and planted each with a mini Daffodil bulb. These made perfect favours and doubled as great decorations for the party.

We enjoyed a tea which ended up being the perfect way to spend a snowy afternoon.

I kept the decorations fairly simple. I had purchased these paper decorations by Martha Stewart a couple years ago and finally got around to using them. I also planted bulbs in pots and shallow ironstone dishes (like on the coffee table here), to give a garden feel. I also strung a little clothesline from my empty frame which was a perfect display for a tiny onesie and little knitted sweater. 

 A little orchard basket trimmed with lace was perfect for cards. We had given her the Beatrix Potter collection - something I think every nursery should have.

Hints of blue and gardening tools like this antique watering can also helped with the theme.

A few little nests and Beatrix Potter books helped carry the theme through the house.

We set up the food in the kitchen as there wasn't enough room on the tables. This was our little punch table - an old children's desk.

And I did the buffet on my baker's table. The shelves were filled with pitchers of kale and rapini and bunches of carrots. We enjoyed tea sandwiches and an assortment of veggies in little wooden berry baskets. My mom made Mrs. McGreggor's hand pies (something she had seen on Pinterest), and we had warm cream scones with Devonshire cream and strawberry jam. There were petite fours, macarons, shortbread buttons, chocolate mousse cups and meringues to enjoy for dessert.


It was delicious. Proper tea is one of my favourite treats - especially the warm scones.

Baby Levi slept the entire time which was perfect as everyone could enjoy some snuggle time!


  1. Your tea party was just lovely!

  2. Simply beautiful! I love a baby shower... or any shower... with a theme and the Peter Rabbit one is perfect, especially for a tea party.


  3. Lovely !!! ..owww how sweet that last picture!!....x

  4. wow! This was perfect!

  5. Adorable! I did my sons nursery years ago in Peter Rabbit and its always been my favorite!

  6. Beautiful!
    Sorry we missed it :(

  7. What a lovely party! So clean and refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

  8. This is the most amazing baby shower I have ever seen. Especially the picture with all the foods and veggies. AMAZING display. I could study it for hours. I was so inspired by the baby clothes hanging in the frame that I found my vintage white baby dress and did the same. Thank you!

  9. This is my first time knowing about this,in my country I guess the riches are doing it.wethe regular people just have a party and everybody ears and drink as we make just a few light snacks or a combination of a hot meal and snacks .But this is ready beautiful and i think I might just use some of your ideas,so I guess you understand I'm not from the states I'm from South America.
    It's not that we don't party in style it's just that the way you do yours is different and I think we should try your way too.
    Thanks for sharing this beautiful baby shower party.


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