Monday, February 4, 2013

The Return of Winter and Muscari

After what has seemed like an endless period of rainy days, our winter has finally returned.
Saturday brought a continual falling of the softest, fluffiest snow that has covered everything in a blanket of white once more.
Sunday morning was bright and crisp and every surface was lined in pure white. Every tree branch, every bough of the evergreens, even every reed was dusted with snow.
As much as I am anticipating spring, I'm happy our winter hasn't left us just yet.
My Grape Hyacinths, or Muscari, are in full bloom and brightening my kitchen shelves.
Once the plants are fully in bloom, they tend to look at little tired. I just trim the blooms off and put them in water and they make perfect little nosegays for around the house.
I've also enjoyed the brightness that comes with the snow. It's allowed me to photograph some more items to stock in the shop.


  1. Love the way the colorful flowers are popping against the beautiful white!

  2. The hyacinths are very pretty and I love burst of colour. I am so happy to have discovered that you are back blogging -I missed it.


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