Monday, January 28, 2013

Rainy Days and Spring Flowers

Today is the most dismal of days. Our snow is slowly melting in a foggy rain and the skies are gray and heavy.
It doesn't look like we'll be seeing the sun for a while.
Until then, the spring bouquets I picked up this weekend will brighten up the house.
How dreary is this?
A perfect collection of spring flowers from The Watering Can.
White Hyacinths, White Tulips and some Pussy Willow.
I also picked up a bunch of Forsythia branches to force.
Their bright yellow flowers are the epitome of springtime.


  1. Beautiful, Maria! There is nothing like a dreary Ontario January to get you in the mood for spring. I absolutely can't WAIT for colour :)

    - Janelle

  2. just found your blog today. loved looking and perusing around. beautiful space! and those flowers seemed like the perfect cure for a dreary day. xoxo

  3. Those flowers are the perfect antidote to these blah, grey, dreary winter days. And pussy willow is that call of spring to come!


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