Saturday, January 12, 2013

Spelt Pancakes with Strawberries

In an effort to try to be more healthy this year, I recently began experimenting with more health-conscious pantry ingredients. I've tried to eliminate my processed flours and refined sugars, and replace them with things like spelt and coconut flour, palm sugar, agave nectar and honey.

Trying different recipes has actually been quite fun, and though not everything I've tried has been a success (pureed cauliflower to name one), there are a few so far that have been pleasantly surprising.

Spelt Pancakes has been one of them.

If you asked my son, who is three, what he would like for breakfast, he would respond (as he does every morning) "Pancakes, scrambled eggs and dry toast." Yes, dry toast.

So you can imagine, I was a little worried that it would be hard to find a new pancake recipe.

I'm happy to report that he didn't even notice the difference. Though they were slightly different in texture, the taste wasn't far off.

Spelt Pancakes with Strawberries

1 cup Spelt Flour
1/8 cup Coconut Flour (it thickens the batter up a little nicer)
1 tbsp. Palm Sugar
2 tsp. Baking Powder
1 Egg
1 1/2 cup Milk

They cook exactly like any other pancake and this morning, they were topped with fresh strawberries and syrup.

Though strawberries are far from being in season here, I happened to find these at the grocery store earlier this week. They are already a few days old and they are still nice and fresh. I froze some for smoothies later.

We are spoiled each March with a gallon of pure Canadian maple syrup from my mom. It's a treat that lasts us all year long.

As I'm getting ready to post this, I'm sitting at my office window, watching Willen play outside. It's the 12th of January and my thermometer is reading 13 degrees. I'm not complainging... It might as well be spring. But I wasn't quite ready for the snow to be gone just yet. After all, we are in Canada.


  1. I so enjoy your blog. My instincts in decorating have always been a neutral palette with lots of texture, natural elements, and white. Rooms with those elements just feel good to me. The pictures of your house sooth my soul. Beautiful! I will have to try this pancake recipe. Looks yummy =)

  2. These look delicious. We've cut out refined sugars too, but I haven't yet experimented with spelt flour, although I've been wanting to. I'm not sure there is a better topping for pancakes than strawberries and maple syrup. :-)

  3. I've begun cutting out refined sugars and most wheat- and the difference you feel is amazing(not to mention it helped me shed the last pounds of baby weight lickity-split!). The best part is i know my baby boy is getting the healthiest of foods possible too and he'll grow up hopefully enjoying that over the processed stuff so readily available. Love your blog Maria!


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