Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Painting and White Cabinet

I decided to hang a painting that I've had stored away for months in our living room yesterday.
I got it from an Aunt of mine who had it hanging in her guest room, but had grown tired of it and was going to donate it. I had always admired it.
However, this beautiful piece of art is old, and worn. It's Gesso frame has broken and chipped over time and it's colours have dimmed under years of dust and impurities.
Regardless, I still love it. The wood and plaster frame compliments our sofa covers and adds life to the all-white walls.

I hung it above an old cabinet I had purchased two years ago.

It's a pretty pastoral scene with a farmer in blue, a small flock of sheep, a simple barn and a small town with a church in the background. It's quaint and warm.

As you can see, the frame has broken in many spots, but the details are beautiful.

I added a simple Ivy potted in an old ironstone sugar pot and a pillar candle in a hurricane vase to add a bit of warm light in the evening.

The frame compliments the room and matches the large Gesso frame hanging above our couch. It also is worn and old, but still beautiful.


  1. That is a lovely old painting. Farm scenes are my favorite. Such a pretty corner of your room. Have you mentioned before where you bought your sofas and covers? Thanks and have a great week. I hope you are getting the same sunshine in Niagara that we are getting in Halton- makes the days more enjoyable at this time of year.

    1. Hello Elizabeth,

      These are IKEA's Ektorp sofas with their light brown slipcovers. The chairs are IKEA's Jennylund chairs with white slipcovers.


    2. I should add that I don't think they make the light brown covers anymore, or are discontinuing them.

  2. love that it has bumps and bruises... don't we all with time?

  3. beautiful home. :)
    love the white chest and the painting...so calming.


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