Monday, March 11, 2013

First Signs of Spring

This afternoon, with both boys sleeping and a rare moment of quiet, I snuck out to the back to poke around in the muck that this warm weather has turned the yard into.
There, tucked amongst the remaining leaves from the Fall months, are the first promising signs of Spring.
Pushing their way up through clumps of damp earth and debris are the Snowdrops and the Daffodils and the Eranthis.
A promise that Spring is on it's way.

Dainty white Snowdrops.

These are found in our neighbor's yard. Yesterday, while coming in the door, I noticed a small patch of Snowdrops in our hedge. Today, when I went to take a photo, our dear neighbors, the Lambs, must have been having a good laugh at my expense. Mrs. Lamb finally came out and told me to take a walk through their "dell" (They're a lovely old British couple), and see the other blooms. This was much easier than trying to maneuver through a hedge.

Daffodils sprouting.

Our walkways in the ravine are all speckled with pretty yellow blooms - Eranthis. It's actually part of the buttercup family. It's a nice contrast to the barren trees and they bring bits of colour to the grounds.

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