Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Montreal Part Two - Chateaux Ramezay

Tucked in the middle of Old Montreal, down the road from Notre Dame Cathedral, across from Old City Hall is the Chateaux Ramezaey garden.

This beautiful oasis is hidden behind ivy-covered walls. Upon opening the gate, you feel as though you've left the city and been transported onto the grounds of an old Chateaux in France.

It's beautiful.

In 1705, Claude de Ramezay arrived in Montreal as governor. He commissioned his home to be built on Notre-Dame Street in the midst of the city's social scene. This garden, done in formal French style, consists of a kitchen garden, potager, a pleasure garden, jardin ornemental, and an orchard, verger

The ivy-covered walls and old fountain.

A small walk through the orchard at the back which consisted of a few fruit trees, a wall of espaliered pear trees, a few rows of grape vines and a few rows of raspberry bushes.

The middle consisted of a formal walk with manicured shrubs and perfectly kept boxwood.

The perimeter was a pea stone walk.

Around edge of the garden was a simple border of Ferns, Lily of the Valley and Solomon's Seal. A few of my favourites.

The front kitchen garden consisted of rhubarb plants, vegetables, and fragrant herb borders.

It really was a highlight of my day spent in Montreal. And, though you pay to tour the actual museum, touring the garden is free.

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