Saturday, June 29, 2013

Strawberry Picking

After spending this morning at an auction, I decided to take the boys strawberry picking at a farm down the road from us.

With all the rain we've had lately, the fields have been really wet and picking conditions haven't been ideal.  But as the season is quickly coming to a close, I put their rain boots on and out we went.

The berries were a little sparse from being picked over, but the few quarts I could get were well worth the effort. Plump strawberries, perfectly sun-kissed and sweet, are the perfect reward.

Though the boys were no help with the actual picking, they kept themselves entertained by climbing fruit trees and playing in the grass (and eating it).

He was so content when I finally let him out of the buggy.

Sweet Cherries are also in full swing! The trees are just exploding with bright red fruit. Last year, unseasonably warm weather and then a hard frost wiped out most of our cherry crops. So this is a welcomed sight.

I wasn't ambitious enough to pick any cherries, though it would have been much easier. I just picked up a quart on my way home (as well as a flat of already picked berries!).

I came home and spent the evening hulling berries and making jam. My 12 little jars of sweet, strawberry jam are under a towel on my counter. Every now and then I hear a pop. One will most definitely be opened with breakfast tomorrow.

And with that, canning season begins.

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  1. When the strawberries are ready for picking, summer is here! The strawberries that you get at the grocery store just don't compare to the taste of a fresh picked berry.


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