Wednesday, November 6, 2013

An Orchid


I once read that a welcoming home always has fresh flowers displayed throughout it.

There really is something wonderful about a beautiful pitcher full of Hydrangea cuttings, or a small vase with single rose bloom. But purchasing fresh flowers each week can get quite expensive. In the spring and summer months, there are always cuttings that can be taken from the garden. In the winter, fresh greens and a Christmas tree evoke the same feelings of freshness. But between the arrival of Fall when the gardens are being put to rest, and before it's time to trim the tree, lies November.

Soon I will start forcing some bulbs for the winter; Amaryllis and Paper Whites. But for now, a simple potted plant, less than the cost of a single bouquet, fills the month between.

I purchased this pretty white orchid at the grocery store a few weeks ago and she is in full bloom. I'm particularly fond of orchids because they don't need daily watering. She adds the same beautiful touch to my living room, but lasts much longer.

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  1. I love white orchids or cattleya! THey just make any any room feel so inviting. Please do an inspiration board for 1000 thread count fitted sheet or bedroom style inspiration! I just got a new apartment and am pretty excited about decorating but I'm not sure where to start!


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