Monday, November 4, 2013

Planning A Kitchen Update

Updating our kitchen has been on my list of things to do since the day we moved into our house over 5 years ago. To date, the only work I've done to it is to repaint the butter yellow walls White Chocolate by Benjamin Moore, and put up some open shelving.

Once painted, I felt it was livable until I had decided on what I wanted to do.

Many times we've found ourselves sketching out plans to remove walls and change the layout. Currently it's a poor use of space, and could be made more functional. However, all of those renovations are quite costly, and while they would be nice to have, they aren't necessary. I've grown accustomed to a smaller kitchen and I don't mind it.

So my goal for now has been to come up with a plan to update our existing kitchen as cost effectively as possible.

I will use some photos I've pinned for inspiration.
(Remember the days, pre-Pinterest, when all of our images were torn out of magazines and filed in sheet protectors... I love Pinterest!)

First, I would like to paint my cabinets white. Our cabinets, though they are the original old hardwood cabinets, are in good condition and I can't justify replacing them. Refinishing them white, though a lot of work, will have the most impact. However, to make them feel new, I would like to add molding to the tops, change the hardware, and add simple brackets underneath.

[Muskoka Living Interiors]

I like the molding around the tops of these white cabinets. I also like the simple hardware.


I'm on the lookout for a small wicker tray like this for beside my stove.

[Atlanta Homes Magazine]

Simple brackets add beautiful detail to cabinets. Ours are quite high from the counter, and I think brackets would suit them perfectly.

This view of the kitchen shows the poor use of space. A cold air return vent prevents me from putting anything on the far wall. An L-shaped counter would have given a lot more needed storage and work space. Usually my chalkboard hangs here for notes and reminders, however it was sold at my sale, and I have yet to get around to making a new one. On the left are my open shelves with my bakers table. It was a blank wall as well! It technically was an eat-in kitchen, but that isn't possibly with four people as well as a highchair. So, shelves went up, and Ryan updated an old barn cabinet so it would function as more work space.

I would love to have a plate rack build similar to the one in this kitchen for this space. It would need to be more narrow, but I like the look of it, and it's extra cabinet space.

[In The Fields]

I love these simple open shelves and the butcher block counter tops. I plan to replace our existing counter top with one similar to this. It adds beautiful contrast to all of the white. I also only have two shelves. I plan to replace them with larger shelves, and to add a third shelf with matching brackets.

The wall color will be updated to match the rest of the house - Simply White by Benjamin Moore. As for the floors, we talked about continuing the hardwood into the kitchen, but I also like the idea of having simple white tile. We haven't decided, so for now, the ugly laminate will stay. I would also like to add a transom window (like below) above the entrance to the living room. It would add more natural light.

[Tim Barber Ltd.]

As for the sink, I would like white with this faucet. It's clean and simple.

[via Vintage Simple Home]

[Frog Goes to Market]

I'm also searching for a basket similar to this to disguise my garbage can, as well as a pendant light for above my sink and a schoolhouse-style fixture for the center.

And so my pricing and sourcing begins! 


  1. Great ideas! Do think long and hard about white tiles on the floor, though. It is very high maintenance, and I know this from experience!

    1. Thanks for the advice! This is why I just can't decide. I would have thought that the tile over the hardwood would be easier to maintain. Our hardwood has a matte finished. It's sealed and everything but it doesn't have the glossy finish that a usual hardwood floor has. I don't know if this would make a difference as well.

    2. We always had tile in our kitchen. I think it's super LOW maintenance and easy to clean. <3 it

  2. will be lovely. On the blank wall you could do the dish rack or a narrow cabinet up on legs that will allow circulation for the air return.

    1. Sharon, that's exactly what I was thinking. I think that the dish rack would go well on the blank wall. It's high, and not too wide, and add extra storage. Plus it anchors that wall a bit. Plus, it doesn't block my vent.

  3. I am excited to see your kitchen transformation. Paint can do wonders. As for the wall with the return, could you put a desk or small table with the bottom open. To give yourself more than an open wall. Alaina


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