Monday, November 17, 2014

Winter Bulbs

At this time of year, with Thanksgiving come and gone, and the stores filled with everything for the holiday season, I have the urge to start decorating the house for Christmas. Especially if there's been some snow. However, putting up a real tree now, and keeping it in good condition until at least all of the Christmas festivites are past is nearly an impossible feat.

During this mid-season time, I start to add little bits of Christmas decor around the house, while trying to keep our home from seeming like it's completely decorated for the holidays. It's actually quite nice, because it gives the house a bit of a change, without much effort.

Urns were arranged with fresh boughs on the front steps where the cold air will keep the greens fresh for much longer. Inside, my Paperwhites and Amaryllis are in bloom. A couple natural wreathes were hung as well, one of pine cones and the other a real Boxwood wreath.

(While there may appear to be a tiny grey mouse running across my floor, under my cabinet in the mirror, rest assured, it's not. It's in fact one of Hudson's toy hippos. There's always something I don't see until later!)

Some white Lilies also fill the house with their perfume scent.

While I will soon force some winter bulbs myself, I brought these ones home from the shop.

I also brought home two of my most favourite scones, chocolate pecan. We shared them at breakfast the next morning.

We've also been enjoying watching our Amaryllis grow taller each day, and burst into these grand, ruffled blooms.

One after the other, they unfurl.

Our first one is now in full bloom, and the second cluster of blooms is beginning to grow.


  1. I purchased my flowers last week at your Mom and Dad's shop and the Amaryllis is just magnificent. Its white just like yours and the first chance I get I'll be returning to the shop for some more...
    Love the boxwood wreath in the frame too Maria. Simplistic beauty.

    1. I'm so glad you stopped by! Mine has lasted me for a couple weeks now, and the second bloom is just opening now.


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