Saturday, November 15, 2014

Crow Farm Stand and Christmas Urns

Willen and I made a stop after school one day this week to pick up a few things from a farm stand down the road from us, Crow Farm Stand. It's a unique little stand, mostly filled with interesting branches and quirky trees.

We picked up some birch for our Christmas urns, as well as a whimsical potted spruce tree for the boy's room. Since it's potted, I'm hoping to transplant it later if it makes it through the season.

As with most farm stands, they go by the honour system, which is always something I find cozy about our community.

We then spent our Saturday cleaning up the gardens for Winter, and raking leaves. The pumpkins were brought to the compost, and we made urns for at our entrances.

You can see our new roof, which went up in the nick of time! It was so hard to pick shingles that gave the house character and matched our current siding, all from these small samples that were viewed up close. Eventually, we will replace the siding, and so we wanted to be sure that what we selected would suit whatever we would decide on in the future. In the end, we decided on the shadow shingles, which were more expensive, but gave more definition to our roof. It draws out more of the taupe and makes the siding seem less yellow. We not only replaced the shingles, but we built a second layer to add space for air flow that is vented out throuh our roof's ridges. This will greatly help with the efficiency of our house. In the summer, our second floor won't be so warm, and in the winter, it won't be as cold.

This year for our urns I used Cedar, Scotch Pine, White Pine and Spruce boughs, with Magnolia leaves, Variegated Boxwood clippings and Birch.

This is the planter at our back entrance.

Temperatures have plummeted quite quickly here, bringing with them a few light dustings of snow. It makes closing the gardens a little easier to know that soon they'll be blanketed in beautiful snow, and not so bare and brown.


  1. Love your natural decor. Your planter and porch look beautiful. Happy to have found your blog.

  2. Where exactly are they located..are they in Fenwick?

    1. They are on Canboro Rd in Fenwick or Ridgeville. Just past the shops in Ridgeville, on the left hand side if you are heading from Fonthill towards Fenwick.

    2. Thanks, I'll have a look this week :)

  3. Your planters look lovely. We just got a new roof this year too. I chose black with a shadow look, I agree that it is tough to decide using samples. Our suburban neighbourhood is at the age where just about every home has been getting new roofs over the past two or three years, so the roofer could point out similar shingled roofs already completed. Then the decision just comes down to how that looks with brick and trim etc.


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