Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Celebrating Fall

We've been making the most of the beautiful Fall weather we've been having recently (for the most part): trips to the pumpkin patch, an afternoon at one of our many conservation areas, even a weekend camping trip the the Finger Lakes.

It seems this year that the leaves have taken their time changing colours. They've slowed this usually short part of their life cycle down just slow enough to allow us a few extra moments enjoying their colourful transformation.

My sister Becki and I spent a few hours on Thanksgiving weekend browsing the local craft shows. It's held each year at a historic conservation area, amongst a beautiful old homestead complete with antique barns, a mill and a beautiful waterfall.

Willen has been learning all about apples at school, so we've tried to do a few activities together that have to do with apples. We visited an old orchard in a valley near us. It's one of many, many orchards in our area. We then visited one of our market stands and took home a few Honey Crisp apples, which he brought into school and made apple sauce with. While there, we also grabbed some apple cider to enjoy later, warmed with some spices. I discovered neither of the boys cared for it warm, but can't seem to get enough of it cold.

The trees were bursting with the brightest, biggest red apples.

On our trip to the pumpkin patch, Willen enjoyed a hayride, corn maze, and visiting a few farm animals. He took home a tiny pie pumpkin, and didn't seem to be bothered by the bad weather. Of all the days, that was the day the temperature decided to plummet. It actually hailed on our way home!

We've also spent many afternoons with the boys, wandering around some local trails. They have so much fun running around and exploring. We don't usually get too far, but they see so many interesting things, and are ready for bed by the time the sun sets.

Their favourite part is always the hot chocolate and cookies that accompany a good hike.

One of the most beautiful places we've been this Fall is camping at Watkin's Glen in New York. We did the walk to the one mile point, and couldn't believe how amazing the waterfalls were, and how well kept the path was. It was this stone walkway with many stairs and little bridges and caves and basically, it was the coolest place for the boys to explore. There were plants growing all along the path, and it was quite relaxing hearing the constant sound of rushing water beside you.

And the camping alone was an adventure! It was freezing cold at night, and preparing all meals by fire, or small stove was quite the challenge. We had lots of fun though. Willen even learned how to ride his bike.

And of course, there is enough Autumn beauty to take in even in our own back yard.


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