Monday, April 6, 2015

A Lovely Easter Weekend

Happy Easter!

We are enjoying one last relaxing day at home before things settle back to normal. Our weekend was spent with family, celebrating our beautiful Saviour and the work He did for us on the cross.

The boys and I made a trip out to our local garden centre to pick up some potted flowers to get the house ready for Easter.

We found some of my most favourite Narcissus bulbs - Cheerfulness - and a beautiful white potted Hydrangea.

I just love their ruffled, cream petals.

Potted Hydrangeas remind me so much of Easter.

We also spent some time making Hot Cross Buns, however the boys decided that chocolate would be more desirable than fruit peel.

The chocolate complimented the spiced roll nicely.

We like ours with butter and sugar.

We had a delicious turkey dinner on Good Friday at Ryan's parents, and the boys were spoiled with an Easter Egg hunt. My mother in law had little chocolate eggs hidden all over the house!

Can you spot them tucked away? We were still finding them long after the kids were done hunting.

We also had snow, which meant the hunts took place indoors. But a little snow didn't stop them from going onto the deck and blowing bubbles!

Easter with my family was lunch at our house after church. Again, it was kind of a dreary day.

We finished with a huge piece of cake with fresh berries and whipped cream that my sister Erica made (with Willen's help decorating with berries, he reminds me). It was delicious.

Tomorrow the boys are off to the sugar bush for a field trip and we're hoping that the sun will make an appearance for that.


  1. So enjoyed hearing how you spent your Easter...thank you for all your inspiring pictures too!

  2. Easter dinner looked lovely. Your photos have inspired me to try something different for next year's menu!


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