Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Augusta's and Christie's

As Summer is slowly saying goodbye to us, the anticipation of Autumn is getting greater with each passing day.

Autumn weekends, for me, are often spent browsing flea markets and attending local artisan and antique shows.  And this year hasn't disappointed. Since I don't have my own sale to prepare for, and with our dollar the way it has been, I really didn't think I would get much shopping in. But I was very wrong.

I've visited the top ten antique malls in Ontario. I will have attended all of the local handmade markets and shows, as well as the top antique shows in Ontario - Christie's and Aberfoyle.

I find browsing through these shows so peaceful and inspiring. I loose myself in rows of beautiful old things, dreaming up how they could be brought back to life in my home. And when I need a few minutes to rest, there's always a good cup of coffee.

Two weekends ago was a local show - Augusta's Fall show.

Her little farm, complete with a mule and a few sheep, is merely a few minutes from me. And while her style is more primitive, there are always things that I love.

This year I purchased a pair of cast iron urns for our front porch. I will show you them when I have the entrance decorated for Fall. I also found a few handmade gifts for Christmas from another local artist.

Christie's, while considerable slower than other years, and maybe not as full, was still a success for me. I managed to find a few great things!

I also rediscovered a childhood favorite that brought back many sweet memories - Apple Floppa (Fritters).

These fried pillows of donut-covered apple were warm and tossed in cinnamon and sugar. They were the perfect treat with a hot coffee and kept me warm and cozy while it began to drizzle. My Opa and Oma used to take us to a farmer's market on holiday's and every time we visited we had a slice of Hawaiian pizza for lunch, and watched them make Apple Fritters by hand. Then we'd buy a box to enjoy on the way home.

I picked up this cream scale, which will likely find it's way to my dad's, amongst his collection of antique scales.

One of the first pieces I came across was this pretty little pitcher. It immediately caught my eye. When I saw the price tag, my heart started fluttering. It was $4 because there was a crack in the spout. I nearly paid and ran before she changed her mind!

Another great find was this wicker basket. It's going to be a trash can until Christmas, when it will become a base for a small tree.

I also picked up a lovely antique linen towel.

And two small ironstone pieces.

And this.

One of my other great finds was this painting. It's quite a large piece, with an ornate frame in great condition.

I experienced another episode of heart fluttering when she told me for $65 I could take it.

It will most likely go in the family room, but for now it's hanging above our bed.

This weekend is the Aberfoyle Fall Outdoor Market, and I'm looking forward to another wonderful afternoon browsing. 

Hopefully I will have just as much luck.


  1. just wondering how you hear about the shows? where do you go to hear about augusta's. i would love to go to these but don't know about them. any advise?

    1. Erika,

      All of the major shows and antique malls are posted online - usually I just google "Top Antique Markets in Ontario". The smaller, local shows I find just by driving around. But it helps to be put on an emailing list when you find places like Augusta's. Then you always get details for upcoming shows. Auctionfind.com is another great website for finding local auctions.

      Hope that helps,

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  3. Great finds! esp, love the painting and pitcher. Antiquing is a great way to enjoy fall. Happy hunting.

  4. Beautiful photography & wonderful finds - as always! Love the bird pitcher; I have a large collection of brown & white and red & white also that I enjoy using and displaying.

  5. Beautiful photography & wonderful finds - as always! Love the bird pitcher; I have a large collection of brown & white and red & white also that I enjoy using and displaying.

  6. Great finds! I love the photos. Wonderful as always. Thanks for sharing!

  7. for some reason i accidentally deleted my post. love the pictures. could you tell me how to find out about the shows you go to? where do you get that information? could you post it for us? the first one you went to looks like it would have been a great place to visit. also, what are the ten best antique places to see? thanks.

  8. Where can I find some white ironstone pitchers?


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