The Grower's Daughter

The Grower's Daughter

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Upstairs Bath - Before

I thought I would share some more before photos.

This is our upstairs bath. The second floor of our home is only above the original house. It consists of two bedrooms (for now the boys share a room), and a bathroom.

The bathroom is quite a bit more spacious than we were previously used to. It has beautiful, bright morning sunlight. It also has a large built in storage closest, which is more storage than I could possibly need. It's also quite charming with the little radiator, built in shelves and deep window above the bath.

There are however a few things that we would like to change.

Eventually, this old cast iron tub, which is deceptively deep, will be taken out and replaced with a claw foot tub. The shelving built in to the left of the tub will be removed, and a floor mounted faucet will be installed, as well as a free-standing shower. Currently there is only a hand-held shower, so this tub is used only for soaking. We use the shower on the main level. The toilet seat has also been replaced.

The fixture will be replaced, as well as a new, slightly larger vanity. Originally we talked about moving the toilet to the wall with the door, and putting a double vanity in, but it either meant cutting through the joices, or dropping the living room floor. Neither of those were something we wanted to do. So a larger vanity it is. We will also replace the mirror.

You can see the built in shelves here. They will be removed.

We will also add a few extra shelves to maximize the storage space in this closet. There is also a large storage space above this, and a drawer below.

You can tell by the peonies that these photos are actually from when we first moved. It's just taken me a while to get to them.

The door is just on the wall in the left. 

At this point, we are very thankful we didn't start ripping out the bathroom as originally planned, when we worked on the living room below. At that time it made sense to do it all at once. However, in hindsight, it would have been another huge project, and for now, we're perfectly comfortable living in it the way it is. Soon it will all be freshened up with a coat of paint.

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