Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, Fresh Start

There's something so wonderful about the dawning of a new year.

It's as similar as an inviting bed with freshly laundered sheets, or a crisp white shirt not yet worn, or a new planner, awaiting important reminders to be pencilled in. 

It's fresh and full of possibility.

As much as I love readying the house for the Christmas season, there's still something so refreshing about boxing it all up and starting over.

With all of our celebrations now past, this morning felt like the perfect time to start getting the house back in order.

All of the greens came down, dishes removed, shelves vacuumed and then wiped down.

I packaged up some bits of Christmas decor that I will just reuse next year.

Then I rearranged the shelves and packed away most of the brown transferware.

For Christmas, my mom gave me this beautiful marble pastry board. As this is where I also keep my mixer, I just decided to set everything out and have this as my baking counter.

I love having everything - mixing bowls, measuring cups, baking tools - all in one place.

Very mise en place

It feels so fresh.

And of course, as this is right beside my laundry area, it also becomes a folding station of sorts.

You do what you have to do.

My organizing of the house actually started a few days ago. I just tried focusing on a cupboard or two each day, so the kitchen nearly finished. 

I'm in no rush, but it's nice to have things back in routine.

Happy New Year!


  1. I love how soothing it looks.

    As I was looking at your baking station photo, I was decorating in my imagination and pictured two pretty hooks attached to the bottom of the upper cupboard so the handles of your rolling pin could be inserted and your pin could be safely stored off the counter. No matter where I left my favorite, it always wanted to roll off the counter and land on my foot (it's marble, of course!).

    1. Maybe even a couple of them... If only that electrical box was concealed out of the way. One day...

  2. Happy New Year! I so enjoy and look forward to reading your blog and viewing your pictures! I love your taste and the restraint you use in decorating!

    1. Thank you. And a happy new year to you as well.

  3. Your home is beautiful! I am considering doing white walls. Not beige! Do you find that Simply White obtains a yellow hue as it ages. I was reading Vintage Rose Collections blog and she mentioned a yellowing as it ages. Yellow, gray, or especially green hues show up in Benjamin Moore paint (I have painted a lot!) I have tried so many paint colors from pink to khaki to gray and am always disappointed and get a restless feeling with color on the walls so I am going to be brave and try white!

    1. Thanks Karen,

      I've always been happy with the colour and have never noticed a yellowing. The only thing I can say is only purchase it from Benjamin Moore. One time I tried colour matching, and it was nothing like the colour.

      Hope that helps,

    2. Thank you for your help! I had considered color matching but was concerned about it being accurate. I forgot to mention that your writing, your pictures, but more importantly the content of your blog is always so beautifully shared! Years ago I went to Niagra Falls all the way from NC and will not forget the beauty of the area, especially the Canadian side. I long to be out of the South. Although it is nice here, it does not have the same greeness or trees that the North has. I wish you a healthy and happy New Year!

  4. Beautiful, simple, and honest. Thank you!

  5. has a new post on housekeeping, and I thought of you, Maria. I love the way you have organized your laundry area, cleaning closet, and how your cleaning tools and products are so pretty. A white vacuum? Lovely. Your house looks so beautifully clean, and believe me I know that can be challenging in an old stone house! By the way, Carmella's blog is lovely, she ALSO is an inspiration. Robin in Umbria

  6. While the holidays are wonderful, I have to agree that routine and the start of the new year is refreshing! I love your home; it is stunning! The stonework is my favorite! Thanks for sharing your home and many blessings to you in 2016!

  7. I enjoy your beautiful creativity. We are cleaning out an estate home and finding some interesting pieces. Wondering if you would have interest in an Alfred Meakin English chamber pot (daisy/wheat pattern). Happy to send you photos.


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