Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Family Room Entrance

January always brings with it the desire to freshen up our home.

I'm fairly certain I'm not the only one who suffers a sort of fluff-your-nest syndrome when the house suddenly feels a tad empty with Christmas stored away once more.

Rooms take on the feeling of a blank canvas, and I feel inspired to begin some of those projects that have sat on my mental to-do list for far too long.

January also brings with it snow.

And snow brings a plethora of boots and other winter things that can leave an entrance feeling overcrowded and chaotic - especially with little ones.

This is our side entrance. It's in the family room, and it's the entrance used most often as it's connected to the driveway.

Previously, I used this space for two sitting chairs, however, when I rearranged the family room to allow space for the Christmas tree, the chairs got placed elsewhere in the room. The rearrangement actually feels much more natural for this space, and with the tree now gone, I've been left with a space I need to fill.

My first thought was to move my desk in front of the window, but when I measured it out, I felt it would be too cramped.

So, I sat for a while and thought.

What did I actually use this space for?
- coming in the door, taking off shoes, a handy basket of slippers, dressing to leave the house

What isn't here that would make doing these things easier and more efficient?
- hooks for backpacks and bags, trays to keep my floors clean, a place to sit when getting ready, storage the boys can reach for things like hats and mittens.

I have roughly five feet of depth to work with.

And I have a large window and radiator in desperate need of some paint to work around.

Here are some inspirations for what I'm drawn to for this space,

[via thedesignfiles.net]

Simple shaker style peg hooks.

[via thelifecreativeblog.com]

The possibility of a built-in under the window, which would double as a seat and hidden storage. This isn't likely though due to the cost of building it, and it being situated in front of a radiator.

[via Country Style Magazine]

Simple shelf with hooks.

[via houzz.com]

An antique bench that would run the length of the space.

Before I begin though, I need to look through the rather large collection of things in storage downstairs and see what I have that I could use first.

With the holidays behind us, and a relaxing week away, I'm feeling refreshed and ready to work.

How gorgeous is this? This was my view for the past week... I rather miss spending the day in the sun with my book. Though I missed my boys tremendously.


  1. Such a wonderful entrance! An idea- a wall mounted bench mounted on stock brackets, above the radiator. Spray the radiator white, with heat proof paint, so it "disappears". Mount hooks, shelf to hold coats, and perhaps a large basket, or wooden box for shoes/boots. I think this would be a beautiful and cost effective solution. Best, Robin

  2. Hey Maria...they announced at St Ann's church that if church members wanted one of the old pews they are available.The old sanctuary bis beon renovated. Im not sure of any details... Perhaps talk to Kim and Nelson or Greg and Meaghan about the details. One of them might work perfectly in this entrance. -Jenn

  3. Hi, Really great effort. Everyone must read this article. Thanks for sharing.


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