Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Bachelorette Party

My younger sister is getting married in two days and this past weekend, we got to throw her a bachelorette party!

Now, while there may have been lacy underwear hanging from the mantel, and Rose all around, we kept things classy, but still fun.

As favours we packaged pink and cream macarons, bath bombs and rose clay bath salts.

We also made sugar cookies and decorated them in different frilly lingerie. This was a Pinterest win!

(While making this, my five year old son came in and asked what we were doing. When I said "What do they look like to you?", he replied "Bridges." So we went with that.)

We kept the drinks fun and girly, with Sangria and Rose, and also a pink punch and Italian Sodas.

The panties on a line is something I've done for both of my sister's bachelorettes. It's a fun decoration that doubles as a gift. Plus you can coordinate the colours with the decor.

This Bride to Be banner was found at Homesense.

My sister Becki (left), organized go-karting for us before the party. It was a huge success!

Here's the bride, in a hot pink go-kart to boot!

Starbucks followed and then back to my place for appetizers and chocolate fondue, and the most ridiculous game that involved saying phrases with a crazy plastic mouthpiece. Lots of laughter ensued.


  1. what great ideas...thank you for sharing, it looks like a lot of fun!

  2. You are the best party decorator.

  3. The decorations are the best! You have a talent for planning a bachelorette party :)


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