Wednesday, May 16, 2018

spring blossoms

The other afternoon, the boys and I took a drive around the country side, scouting our favorite orchards, hoping the blossoms would be out.

We caught them at the perfect time!

I don't know why I look forward to them so much, but I do. I love that we live in a region where there's an abundance of fruit farms and fruit stands. And something about seeing the blossoms is a reminder that not long after, strawberries will be ripe for picking and local snap peas and asparagus will be available at the market. Not to mention the joy of walking through clover that's halfway up to my knees, still damp from rain, and the sound of bees floating from blossom to blossom...

And as quickly as they appear, they seem to fade. All the more reason to make the most of them while we can.

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