Wednesday, March 13, 2019

a girl's morning out

Yesterday I spent the morning out with my mom and sister. My sister's been on bed rest and then recovering from her c-section, and is finally feeling like herself and itching to get out. Of course it's the perfect excuse to get out with her! So out we went - for coffee, thrifting, the greenhouse (again!), and then to lunch.

Years ago, when I only had one or two children to tote along, I went to every estate sale and weekly auction, and regularly circulated through all the local thrift shops. I would collect for the entire year and then have a huge tag sale on the Thanksgiving long weekend. It was something I loved to do. But over the years, it's just gotten harder to get out with four kids. Gone are they days when they sleep quietly in the stroller while the auctioneer rambles on. Plus four children take up all extra room in my vehicle which would previously have been used to pile in furniture and finds.

And while I do try to get out antiquing every so often, I don't usually make it to any thrift stores. But yesterday I was reminded how much I enjoyed hunting through one. We all found some great things, and decided we needed to do it more often!

Of course all good days out begin with coffee and croissants - yes Mom, even if we'll be eating lunch in two hours... These were from De La Terre, and are a favourite.

Our next stop was The Watering Can, a greenhouse with a flower market and cafe.

It was so nice walking though the greenhouse, where it's so warm and sunny.

After this, some thrifting, and then onto to lunch at The Grand Oak for soup and a sandwich. They also have fresh breads, cheese and lots of different preserves and gourmet food items to browse.

I've brought home a couple different plants over the last few days. Usually I have cut flowers, aside from some Myrtles and Ivy, but I couldn't resist these. A Helleborus (left), Begonia (middle) and an Oak Leaf Ivy (right).

I'm always drawn to greens and soft whites, and I love the hints of blush and burgundy in them all. 

I also couldn't pass up a bunch of White Parrot Tulips.

So, my thrift shop finds...

First, I have to preface this one find, those little bamboo forks, by saying this: Never ever, have I ever, not even in an antique store, let alone a thrift shop, have I ever found bamboo flatware. I've looked. So when I looked into the random junk bin of kitchen cutlery and saw bamboo, I audibly gasped.

They were a dollar.
(For all you American readers - 77 cents!)

I scored a collection of these great square canning jars.

I found some books, a waste basket, and a nice sized basket with a handle that will be perfect for an Easter arrangement.

And yes, this is my third copy of this Martha Stewart book, but it's in way better condition than my others. One of them will now be used to tear out of, like I would a magazine.

So I think it's safe to say I'm hooked.

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