Thursday, March 28, 2019

a stay in the city - toronto, day three


As the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. And oh, was this ever a good thing. I really can't say enough about this hotel. It truly was a luxury. But I think that's just it - it was such a special treat. It was a little getaway in the truest of senses. A getaway from the piles of laundry and countless snacks, and endless tidying that is the norm. It was being able to go here and there as I pleased. It was time to hear my own thoughts, or chat with Ryan and not feel like I'm competing with four little ones who want his attention just as much as I do.

But not a getaway in the sense that I needed to get away from everything. More a getaway to remind me how much I do love all of it, and how much I miss what is my life when I'm gone.

I decided to make the most of the last few hours of our stay, and stayed in. I had seen so much of what I wanted to see, and wanted to linger in the room a while. I put on my favourite french playlist, put together the things I had picked up for breakfast and sat and read while George fell back asleep.

I slowly packed and checked out. They graciously let me stay a little longer in the spa until Ryan had finished his meetings and then we headed home. After we stopped at Dineen for another coffee, of course.

We took our time driving home along the lakeshore, stopping at some of my favourite spots along the way.

It didn't get much more spring-like than this! Fiori Oakville had Hydrangeas outside.

Then down to Soap & Water - really my favourite shop in town.

From there, a quick stop at Centro Gardens in Burlington.

This little part of the shop is understandably my favourite part.

And then home, just in time to enjoy dinner with the boys.
Home sweet home.


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