Tuesday, July 23, 2019

book inspiration - california wine country

As promised, this will be the first post in a small series on what inspired me as I flipped through some old, "dated" decorating books at the cottage.

The first book is
California Wine Country
Interior Design, Architecture & Style
(see photo above for sources for all photos)

Now, before I get into this series of posts, I need to preface that while some of these books did inspire me in some ways, these are not books that I would go out and purchase to read and reread. Most of the rest of the content is not to my personal taste. But I love finding pieces and looks that, even years later after being styled, are still timeless and beautiful, and that's what I'd like to share.

I think this is the perfect slipped armchair. A nice high back with low arms, a relaxed white cover, comfortable but upright, perfect for at a desk.

Also, those wide plank floors are stunning.

I also loved this chair in a ticking fabric with matching ottoman. I like how it looks with the natural rug. This would be something I would put in one of the boys' rooms for reading.

I loved this little desk with it's books shelves and library lamp. And I loved the dramatic windows and dark, moodly floors. And that checked backing of  the chairs adds pretty contrast.

This bathroom was beautifully imperfect. The tub is more a lovely piece of art than a functional piece. And I just love that little bamboo table!

And this! Oh this was just perfect. The most inviting bed, the contrast of the rusty iron, the canvas tent in the most beautiful shades of soft green of course, the view.

Not to mention lovely artwork and antique rugs...

I also loved the warmth of this little kitchen sink, overflowing with a bucket of roses and peaches and fresh rhubarb. I'm always a fan of open shelving.

And from what I'm pretty sure is another part of this same kitchen, this perfect little display of fresh vegetables. So, so simple and yet so beautiful.

And these chairs! They are stunning, and so much more so grouped en mass like this. I love them in a row on the porch.

I also liked the simple stylings of this sunny kitchen. The cake plates out, the copper pots hanging, bright windows.

I can't think of a more perfect place for dining Al Fresco. That brick fireplace is beautiful, and I always love a round table with pretty glassware.

Finally, the texture these wood paneled walls adds to this space is so interesting. I love the dramatic table and the simple bistro-like chairs. And of course the gorgeous pine doors!


  1. I love this post. I have many vintage Victoria and Traditional Home magazines that I often spend time enjoying and finding inspiration. Timeless designs are always the best as 10 or 20 years later- it still just feels right. Thanks for sharing!


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