Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New Additions To The Shop

[Restaurantware Pitchers: Set of 2 -$ 10]

So, the auction was a complete let down yesterday. With the massive storm we were being threatened with, I really thought I would be able to score some really good deals, but nope. Nothing. I walked in, walked through, and walked out, all in about 4 minutes, and that included quickly grabbing a cup of coffee. It was sad. I hate when that happens.

But, not wanting to come home empty handed, and in desperate need of some new items for the shop, since I've been shipping constantly (thanks girls!), I decided to go thrifting instead. It's not as exciting as an auction, but the thrill of the hunt is still just as much there!

I've just listed some of my newest finds. Take a look!

[Small Etched Bowl Set: Set of 4 - $15.00]

[Vintage Harp Strings: Set of 2 - $3.50]

[Petite White Teapot - $15.00]

[White Cow Creamer - $12.00]

[Ironstone Oval Bowls: Set of 4 - $20.00]

[Longwy Ironstone Plate Set: Set of 3 - $20.00]
[Longwy Ironstone Dinner Bowl - $10.00]

And, due to the huge amount of messages wondering when these will be back in stock, I've re-listed these Jute Market Totes!

[Jute Market Tote - $10.00]


  1. Lovely treasures!! I'm heading to check them out now :) Xoxoxo

  2. Love it all....but I am waiting for the tea towels!!! x0


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