Monday, February 7, 2011

A Woeful Workshop

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This morning, I made a trip out to IKEA. I decided that today I was going to organize my workshop. It's current state is in the realm of complete chaos and dysfunction. It's highly inefficient. Things have been so busy lately! I've been mailing out orders, and scouting out new merchandise, and receiving supplies for some new products coming in the spring. All of these have contributed to the space being unorganized, but this is where it ends.

I headed out with a list of organizational pieces that will help greatly and came back with arms full. I've spent the afternoon sorting and filing and streamlining the space so that I can create, store, and package all in one room. Once everything is in it's place, I will post some photos. For now though, there are some more boxes calling!

Happy Monday girls!


  1. Hello Maria......have a happy week

  2. I can relate for sure, it's seem I am constantly organizing my small space (extremely small), but it always manages to get untidy, I need some storage solutions! Good luck :) Xoxoxo

  3. One of my favourite things is to buy the right things to organize my life! It actually clears my brain! :)

  4. I love IKEA, but can never get out of there without spending an unholy amount of money. Can't wait to see your new space!



  5. Isn't it great to be organized! I wish my husband could organize his spaces! Some day . . . maybe!

  6. How exciting! Looking forward to seeing your transformation!

  7. Know it's going to look wonderful...can't wait to see!!

  8. show us more
    show us more ...

    p.s. I'm a geek, dont care fore ikea ... I'm an outcast, I know


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