Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dream Home Drive - By

[ All Photos - The Growers Daughter]

I feel the need to explain a few things prior to getting right into this post.

1 - I am not crazy, I simply enjoy scouting out dream homes and photographing them while driving past. I swear, the owner was home, and he probably thought the paparazzi had arrived.

2 - I don't feel bad about this because for one thing, I'm sure many of you girls do the same thing. And two, I would take it as a compliment if someone wanted to photograph my house!

In summary, this is a house that my father discovered. Clearly this is something I've inherited, and thus can't help. He took us past last weekend while we were out antiquing. I was so inspired that I had to take some photos to share! I was so close to jumping out and knocking on their front door, begging to come in for a tour. I just kept thinking, if the outside looks this amazing, what does the inside look like?

Don't worry. I stayed in the car. I literally clicked  my way around the corner to show you the whole view.

So here it is! Isn't it going to look amazing when it's finished?

Clearly, this is work in progress. But look at all the amazing salvaged finds - and how the owner has incorporated them into the house - like the corbels and old moldings on the garage!

This is the view coming along the side of the house. It's a massive two storey garage, which I'm assuming doubles as a studio or workshop. I mean clearly this person has some serious skill.

I want to meet this person... and then go shopping with them!

How great is this back entrance?

 I zoomed in a bit for a closer look. I am in love with it, along with the great little things they've added to it. I love all the huge trim work and the rustic grey door and cute window. It's perfect.

This is now coming along the side towards the front of the house. It's a gorgeous brick century home that looks like it was once an old store!

At this point, I'm totally blocking the street... luckily it wasn't busy (and the blinds were closed!). I love the simple rustic urns with boxwood shrubs framing the front door.

This is coming along the other side. It gives you a better idea of the size of the addition. I love how they created this little room with walls of windows between the main buildings and did it in white. The whole thing just looks great together. Notice that old Gothic style window? And how about those corbels above the man door to the garage in behind?

And, just in case you couldn't really see what was tucked under that overhang, I zoomed in. I love my zoom! It's the perfect little vignette! Seriously, next time I'm knocking.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour! It was just too amazing to not share.


  1. I think I'd do anything possible to see if they would sell it to me! I LOVE the addition more than the original building I think. I always get so inspired to do new creative things to my home when I see places like this.
    You definately need to introduce yourself to them - just start chatting with them when you see them out. That's how I got to go inside one of the houses in my neighborhood that I've always loved. I told her I would love to see the inside of her house and she was delighted to give me a tour. She even gave me a roll of the vintage wallpaper she used in her kitchen. Go for it!
    Thanks for the tour...from one house stalker to another! :)

  2. I love the mix of brick and board additions. You are so right that the architectural elements really add the icing on the cake. Thanks for sharing.

  3. you are a house stalker...been there, done that. Great place.

  4. SUPER cute!! I like the brick part of the house the best... it definitely looks like it used to be a store. Very cute and unique.
    Stalking houses is the best past-time! I have umpteen pictures of people's houses that I love. lol My dream house is still the one down in the backroads of Fonthill ~ it's been my dream house for as long as I can remember, and I found out that it's Ryan's favourite house too!

  5. I do this all the time I am so house crazy!
    I miss the homes all around the Niagara Region...nothing like them out here!
    I used to love the NOTL house tours in December. Have you been? Oh such a treat!!!
    I love to walk by these homes at night when i can get peeks through the windows of their interiors!

    This home is gorgeous!!!
    Pamela :)

  6. Oh I just love this! I like to go driving around at night so you can see inside the windows. don't tell anyone that I do this. te he!

  7. Love it! I could live here in a heartbeat. Next time, knock...I want to see the inside! :)

  8. Just found you through "A Country Farmhouse" the house is quaint and your blog so charming. Love the music "Dawn" no more I adore the music.

  9. The home is beautiful! Enough said!


  10. I'm a house stalker also! We have one home by the ocean that we constantly drive by . . . it's a gorgeous bungalow! The home you've stalked is stunning - great taste!

  11. found my home??.....hmmmmmm......and now everyone knows it.....hahahhahahahhah!!! ...have a great week love love

  12. I'm sure the local police probably have your licence plate number by now! You could be on a register somewhere!! However, having said that, I have been guilty of doing that myself...and repeatedly at the same house whenever I have a like-minded friend in the car that I have to show the house to. Good fun!! Robx

  13. l.o.v.e. it...the way the incorporated the old with the new...just perfect.

  14. You found a winner! What a beautiful home ~ all those details! I do the same thing; drive off the beaten path, searching for 'dream' homes!

  15. your blog is better than any magazine I own,and I am a magazine hoarder!

  16. I really like the bird house or I guess you could call it a statue. Whatever it is it's beautiful. It matches the white of the house really nicely.


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