Monday, April 11, 2011

Inspirations - Bridal Shower Theme


We've decided on a theme for my sisters bridal shower. It's a spring wedding in a historic barn so naturally, my sister went it a more rustic, simple wedding inspired by nature and all things vintage. I couldn't have been more happy with her choice.

While searching for some shower themes, I came across these two gorgeous collages. I thought that the fresh Robin's egg blue and pretty Jade greens, paired with greys and creamy ivory said both spring and vintage.

I thought I would share them. They are just so lovely. Plus, I love wedding themes. I think I would one day like to venture into being a professional event/wedding planner just for this reason! I just think weddings are so lovely when the couple pays special attention to detail and theme. Wouldn't you agree? Little personal touches and careful planning really does pull the whole event together. And why not? It's such a special day.


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  1. Your pictures are beautiful. I could sit here and listen to this music all day. In fact even after I have read your post I leave your blog up as my background music. Have a wonderful day.

  2. Totally ADORE these photos collages filled with such pretty details! LOVE these colours! Swoon!

  3. How absolutely breath~taking! Love the colors!

  4. gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!
    love the photos!
    take care,

  5. Ooo! Pretty! I love the colours together... and the overall theme. Good choice!

  6. You so should do it professionally. You'd be great at it.

  7. Nice themes for bridal shower. This post just gave me an idea. Thanks!


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