Monday, June 27, 2011

All Things Bright and Beautiful

[All Photos - Country Living]

I know that Monday mornings can tend to be looked down upon, as they, for most people, signal the end of a relaxing weekend, and the beginning of a busy work week.

For me however, this particular Monday has brought with it a sense of expectancy and a desire for order.

I was browsing through these few images this morning and I couldn't help but find the motivation I needed to pick up my cleaning bucket, and spend the day puttering around our house, "fluffing our nest" as so many other bloggers so cleverly put it. Each room is bright and beautiful and clean - just what I'm craving this morning.

I hope you find a sense of joy in a bright new week, brimming with possibilities and excitement.

Happy Monday girls. Isn't it a great day today?


  1. I'm going through my "to-do" list today too. I do love the summers off from teaching so I can fluff my nest too! Aren't those pretty photos? And some from Nancy Fishelson too--my favorite designer!

  2. Enjoy a happy new week

  3. love love love the rosebush sign ... I must own that

  4. I love that sign, too! What peaceful photos! :)

    xoxo laurie


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