Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Meet Oliver

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]

It's a well known fact that anyone who frequents auctions will, eventually, come home with a find that they most definitely didn't need, or perhaps even want, but somehow, ended up purchasing. For some of us, it's an awful modern painting that was bought with the hope of beginning a collection of artwork, and will, for years to come, remain collecting dust in our attic. For others, perhaps we purchased a massive lot of something which seemed like a steal at the time, but is quickly looking like it may be given out next year at Halloween.

For me it was neither a painting, nor a lot of unnecessary items.

Meet Oliver.


This handsome Miniature Schnauzer is 5 months old and possibly the last thing I needed to come home with. But, somehow, I stumbled across him and was instantly attached.

I wasn't as smitten with his more dominant brother, who wanted to be the center of attention, nor was I as taken by his mischievous brother who cared only for digging and chewing his way out of their crate. There was, however, something about this runt of the litter who was curled up in a ball, sleeping in the corner, who quietly came over to be pet and sat contently, that stole my heart. After a few calls to my unsuspecting husband, he was ours.

I really don't know what I was thinking, but somehow, I missed most of the furniture, skipped the implements and really couldn't have been happier with my find. Luckily, I purchased a small lot of ironstone (rare for a sale of this sort), which was up on the block before I met him. It turned out the be a successful day after all!


  1. Are you kidding me! The runts are always the sweetest.....that's the only prerequisit for me!

    That is indeed a successful day!



  2. Oliver is precious...you got the best deal of the day!


  3. Oliver is so adorable...I too have an Oliver at home...and he looks much like yours...except he's blonde. He certainly was a great "find".

  4. I come home from auctions all the time with things I don't need, but never have I come home with something that needs feeding! :-)

  5. Oh my goodness! Such a darling! Happy for you!

  6. I'm sooo happy that you gave sweet little Oliver a forever home! You will be a terrific mommy to him - and man....is he ever adorable! How could you NOT take him home....? :)

    xoxo laurie

  7. Oliver is darling - the runt of the litter is always the best! And this find will bring you far more joy than any other!

  8. Oh my gosh, your Oliver is such a cutie! He is the best find ever. We got a puppy a year ago and although I knew we were going to love Molly, I didn't realize how much I would in fact love her :)

  9. Love Oliver! You did the best thing for him! Congratulations. 8>)


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