Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Pink Peonies

[All Photos - The Grower's Daughter]

This morning, after a few days of much needed sunshine and warmth, I was able to cut a few of the first peony blooms in my front garden.

Much to my delight, these were already established when we moved in. I prefer soft pinks and delicate whites and creams, but these still make me happy and smell heavenly.

Earlier this season, I planted a white Peony Tree (From Japan), as well as a row of white Festiva Maxima peonies especially for cutting. I can't wait to enjoy them next year.

Until then, these lovely beauties will fill my little bud vases, and grace each room around my house with their delicately aromas.

Have a lovely rest of the week and weekend ladies. I will be celebrating with two weddings, one belonging to my sister, who coincidentally, is having white peonies and the softest pink garden roses for her bouquet. I can't wait!

This is a pretty apothecary bottle I picked up at a Flea this past weekend on my way home. It has remnants of a hand written label and looks gorgeous in this old white utensil caddy I found at the show. More to come on those...


  1. Beautiful photos Maria! I have new peony bushes that have buds on them so we will find out soon what they produce. The very light pink one that I wanted the most is not doing much. Mine will be darker too.

  2. I love peonies as well! I just had a "photo shoot" with mine yesterday and did a post on them too! :)

  3. Love the apothecary bottle with the bit of ephemera still left. What a great find! I would love to find that! Your blog is always lovely!

  4. Love the peonies. They are one of my favorite flowers but alas they are hard to grow in Mississippi but I am still trying. I'll just enjoy yours until.......

  5. I love, love, love peonies! Have a delightful week! Xoxoxo

  6. Beautiful pionies !!

  7. i, too, found some at my local trader joe's this weekend and jumped on them since there were so few left. they have now bloomed in full splendor on my dining room table. what a spectacular flower the peony is.

    if you check my blog i wanted to share with you the pillow i made from the beige bank pillow you sent me. i made a linen and hand crocheted trim for it and it turned out great. i have yet to use the blue ticking fabric. all in due time.

    blessings as always to you,

  8. The peonies are beautiful-the color is so vibrant. I can imagine them in a bouquet with soft pink roses and white blooms :-) Love the apothecary jar too!

    Enjoy the weddings.


  9. Just lovely, Maria. Mine are not blooming yet!

  10. Love your pink peonies, I just bought some white ones for my moonlight garden I'm working on. Have a wonderful weekend!



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