Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Rainy Afternoon

The plan was to get groceries...

Drop Willen off at school. Go grocery shopping. Stop by the bank. Pick Willen up from school.

It was fairly simple.

But the rain was so refreshing, and the scent of the pines and the soil so earthy. Rows of benches lined with endless possibilities for the most beautiful garden. So my afternoon was spent walking the aisles of our garden centre in town, Rice Road Greenhouses. I decided to go there because 5% of my purchase would go back to Willen's school.

It was such a relaxing way to spend an afternoon.

I was able to find a few perennials that I would like to add to our gardens once we've finished raising our beds.

I even had a handsome little helper who was really more concerned with splashing in the puddles than smelling the flowers.

Lily of the Valley would do wonderfully in the shade garden behind our garage.

I have some White Bleeding Hearts that flower in the Spring behind there as well.

This particular variety of Astilbe, which seems like more of a dwarf variety, is called Deutschland. I do love Astilbe. I find them dainty and whimsical.

I'm also looking for some ground cover in the front for amongst some Evergreens. I liked the Smoke on the Mountain and White 'Alba' Periwinkle.

This bloom on a Japanese Peony bush was the largest bloom I've ever seen. It was nearly the diameter of the 1 gallon pot it was planted in.

I also came across a few more varieties of Peonies that I don't have, each of which would fit in my gardens perfectly. The wonderful thing about Peonies is that they do so well in the full sun, and with our house being South-facing, all of our gardens in the front are in full sun.

'Duchesse de Nemours' Peony

'Sea Shell' Peony

'Primevere' Peony

'Lillian Wind' Peony

I also found two varieties of Anemones. This is actually the reason I had stopped! I had wanted the variety Honorine Jobert, which blooms in the Fall, but this variety, Snowdrop Windflower, is similar and blooms in May or June. I think I might try both.

I also came across a new (to me) variety of Lilacs, Mme. Lemoine French Hybrid Lilac. 

I think it's clear that I'm partial to a white garden.

The weekend the top layer of remaining sod will be scraped, and then we will order soil and raise our current beds. We decided to put in quite a bit more garden in the front instead of just sodding the entire thing. I think our house needs it esthetically. As well, by adding some large bushes, the view from the living room window will be much more beautiful, and the road will be almost entirely blocked out. We will also install a large Flagstone walk which will replace the crumbling brick walkway we currently have. The only grass left will be a small area among the gardens, which we will sod, and the very front grass, which is road-side. That will be seeded.

I'm eagerly waiting for the beds to be finished so I can get to work planting.

I may have also stopped by our Benjamin Moore store in town. Our garage will need to be repainted this year and I think I've finally found some colours that go well with our current siding. With a new roof, and a newly landscaped front yard, I can't afford to reside perfectly decent siding. So a fresh coat of paint on the shutters and eves, as well as the garage and front doors will make a big difference.

I can't wait to see everything finished.


  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    One of my favorite things to do is stroll through big nurseries. It's relaxing.
    What fun it was to stroll with you through your photos. The Japanese peony made me sigh. It's stunning!
    Thanks so much for taking us along.
    I love all the inspiration . . .
    Have a beautiful weekend,

  2. So much temptation... I adore lily of the valley, for size one of the most fragrant in the garden. I also have Astilbe in my shade garden and find the darker the colour the stronger the fragrance.
    And that adorable blue-eyed babe I'm sure was great company even splashing in the puddles...
    Susan x


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