Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Happy Earth Day

 Every year, on Earth Day, our local garden center hosts a sale on all of the previous year's nursery stock. Each year I make plans to attend. I've always had luck finding a variety of Hydrangea or some other perennial for 70% off.

Some of the varieties I've purchased over the years at this sale are PeeGee, Bombshell, Little Lamb, Limelight and Annabelle.

This year I happened to find five more PeeGee Hydrangeas. They were on sale for $10.

While there, I also picked up another White Japanese Peony Tree, 3 Annabelle Hydrangeas, 3 "Snowflake" Oakleaf Hydrangeas (a variety I've been looking forward to adding to my garden) and a few pots of "Cheerfulness" Narcissus. 

I can't get enough of this variety of Daffodil. I'd love to go back and pick up more to plant for Spring next year. I don't have any bulbs in the garden and these are so beautiful. I think they would look lovely around the tree in our backyard, and maybe a few little clusters in the front beds.

For now, I planted them in my containers for outside our front entrance. They really are so cheerful.

Their soft green buds unfurl into white double blooms with bright yellow centers.

I was also thrilled to see that our Lilacs along the West side of the house have budded.

This is the West side of the house. You can see the Lilac bushes between us and our neighbors. Right now, my entire front yard is a mess. Late last Fall we decommissioned our septic tank, and hooked up to city sewage. This was an awful job. The crew did a wonderful job tying down my Lilacs so they wouldn't have to cut them out, so thankfully we can still enjoy them. The grass in the front on the other hand, was completely torn up. We're still unsure as to what we are going to do with it; sod or seed.

However, in an attempt to start to clean it up, I edged in gardens this afternoon. I still need to order soil to finish the beds, but in the mean time, I've come up with where I would like to place the PeeGee and Oakleaf Hydrangeas I bought today.

All in all, what better way to celebrate Earth Day than in the garden?


  1. You will certainly have a beautiful garden when all is complete, but then just like life a garden evolves over time.
    I must say Maria that I had the pleasure of going to your Mom and Dad's new place in PC this past week and it was delightful.
    My friends and I found the surroundings most charming and they are the perfect hosts...
    And I must mention the yummy goodies they offer. I even brought a field berry pie home to share...
    Definitely a great new place to gather!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Susan x


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