Monday, August 4, 2014


I brought home an armfull of local Gladiolus (Gladioli?) for on the table.

They're make such a striking arrangement with their long stalks and beautifully crimpled blooms.

They remind me of a Monet painting. 

I've been so enjoying Monty Don's French Gardens, a BBC series in which he travels around in an old 2CV and visits the famous gardens of France. In one of the episodes, Monty visits Giverny, Monet's famous flower garden, and the inspiration for so many of his paintings. The Gladiolus, in all of it's grandeour, makes the perfect subject to paint.


  1. Gorgeous!!! besides hydrangea ...gladiola are also my favorite:)
    I enjoy gardening shows like that...I wonder if I saw a few episodes on TVO once..
    enjoy the summer...

  2. Oh, don't you love Monty Don? Your Gladioli look beautiful. I find as I get older I tend to really appreciate the light and I am just loving white flowers in my garden, there is something so uplifting about them. Love Linda x

    1. Linda,

      Do you have them in your gardens? I've read that the white glows in the moonlight. I'm curious if that's true. Maybe I should bring my vase outside tonight and see?



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