Monday, August 18, 2014

In Season

This weekend I stopped by one of the many farm stands down the road from us.

Whatever it is, be it the first ripe strawberries of late Spring, or crisp apples in Autumn, the anticipation of local fruit and vegetables being in season is always a wonderful thing.

And right now, there are countless things available to enjoy. I love being able to shop for all my produce and know that it's been grown in my own neighborhood. We live in the Niagara Green Belt, where perfect climates allow for us to grow a vast array of delicious crops.

This week, the board with the list of local produce available exceeded 25 items! 

Here's what came home in my basket.

Peaches are ripe for the picking and boy, do we love a ripe, juicy peach! Tonight we're going to try them grilled and drizzled with honey.

Strawberries are still available too. These barely make it home from the stand.

Roasted is really the only way I will eat brussel sprouts, though I have occasionally had them in a salad. I also want to try some refrigerator pickles, so I picked up some fresh dill and lots of garlic!

My Roma tomatoes are simmering on the oven with lots of garlic and fresh basil. I'd like to pick up at least another bushel and can some as tomato sauce and pizza sauce. And with all the tomatoes and peppers available, I think I might even try some salsa this year!

We also love blueberries! 

Some garlic and pretty, purple potatoes.

And lots of fragrant Basil, which was enjoyed that night with fresh mozzarella on homemade pizza.

They also had these white Begonias. They are beautiful, full baskets with pretty hanging blooms. And they were only $10!

I have a cabinet with shelves I'd like to bring in to use in our cold cellar. It will be perfect for all the canning I've been dreaming about doing!

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  1. Your photos are breath-taking, as are your subjects. So inspiring!
    I'm also a big fan of our Farmer's Markets and Stands!


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