Monday, May 11, 2015

A Lovely Mother's Day

This past Saturday the boys and I spent the whole day doing things I love to do. It was my Mother's Day treat.

The day started off in bed, snuggling with two beautiful boys who happily watched cartoons so I could sleep in a little longer than usual. We then headed to the shop for breakfast. They enjoyed waffles and I enjoyed a chocolate croissant and cappuccino. We then made our way to the Farmer's Market, where I picked out flowers for Ryan's mom, as well as a bouquet for myself. I couldn't resist the pail of Ranunculas, especially these few bunches with their pastel shades. We also picked up some of the season's first local Asparagus.

Before leaving, Willen challenged me to a game of checkers (chess), which I lost, due to some creative maneuvers on his part. I just enjoyed watching him grinning ear to ear, laughing each time one of his men went hopping all about the board.

I love going to market. I love coming home with something that's just started growing locally, and something freshly baked and delicious, and an armful of flowers, and maybe even some artisan cheese. It always feels very European and old.

When we got home, I arranged my flowers in water, and then we spent the afternoon outside in the yard. I walked around the gardens, looking at everything filling in and beginning to bloom, and realized that the first of our Rhubarb was ready to be harvested. I picked what was ready, and froze it to use later.

I think Ranunculas are such romantic looking flowers. Each one is shaped differently, or colored in a different shade, or a slightly different size. But that's why they make such beautiful arrangements.

And they change as they continue to open.

Mother's Day was busy with visiting with our moms, but it was still relaxing.

One of my favourite parts of Mother's Day is getting my special present from Willen. He has always made something at school that's a surprise, and he's always so proud when he gets to give it to me. This year, he made a candle holder out of clay, which he's carved and decorated. I love these so much, and cherish them.

And I love being a mom. My boys are one of my greatest blessings and fill my life with so much joy. Oh, it's hard some days, but they teach me grace and what's truly important in life, and they make me happier than I ever imagined I could be. I'm so thankful God has entrusted me with them.


  1. Simply beautiful post....The flowers are so elegant, not sure if I've seen those before.
    Love the Mother's Day sentiments too. I love being a Mom too. Those hand made gifts are beyond special.

  2. Your photos are stunning. Love the veggies and flowers! Your sons are so cute, and I'm sure they bring you much joy. I'd love to see the candle holder Willen made for you.

    1. Oops, I just saw your photo of that lovely candle holder -- I had missed it first time through. How sweet!


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