Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Lilacs in Bloom and A Pair of Antique Frames

I've found that recently, when I'm not able to get out antiquing, eBay can be a great resource for locating pieces I'm looking for.

I have the benefit of being less than half an hour from the border, so shipping costs are much more reasonable than always having to pay for international shipping. And really, you can find just about everything!

This little ironstone pitcher was a recent purchase. With shipping, it was comparable to what I would have paid at a shop here. I liked the square shape and delicate handle.

I filled it with some of my first Lilac cuttings from a new bush planted last year. My other Lilacs are purple, and aren't quite ready. The fragrance of these is slightly less floral than the others. These still have a sweet scent, but it's not quite the well-known Lilac scent.

I also recently purchased this pair of small antique frames, which measure 9 x 8. It was $30 for the pair. I'm always looking for small frames. They're great for by night tables, and near cabinets in the kitchen, or in other small spaces about the house. The paintings they came with were quite dated, but I thought they would look beautiful with some small prints, or sketches, or even a pair of small paintings.

This small painting was a recent steal as well. It was a field sketch from an artist, and with shipping it came to less than $5! It's a very simple landscape, but it's bright, and it was more than worth it.

It brings new life to the frame.

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