Friday, August 28, 2015

Before Photos - The Kitchen

As promised, here are a few photos of the kitchen as it is now. We haven't done any work on the room itself, we've simply installed some appliances and made it feel like ours.

One of my most favourite features of the kitchen, a room in which a large part of my day is spent, is the exposed stone wall. The kitchen was the first addition to the house, and was added to the south side of the original home not too long after if was built. This stone wall was at one point the outside of the house. And while you would think that a wall of stone would be quite cold aesthetically, it adds so much warmth to the space. 

It's also the perfect backdrop for open cabinets - which I have a few of. It compliments my dishware and ironstone perfectly.

The kitchen is three separate work areas - the one above, which holds all of my baking things, the cooking area by the stove (to the left of the space above) which is also where our everyday dishes are kept, and the sink area (opposite side).

To the left of this workspace is a doorway leading up into to the dining room, and to the right is a doorway leading up into the living room. I love that the doorways are two steps deep as the stone walls are so thick.

This is the East side of the kitchen. It contains my cleaning closet (left), my pantry (tucked behind in the middle), and a closet for coats and shoes (for the family room entrance which is through the doorway to the right). This part of this kitchen was formerly an office space, which we decided to turn into a main floor laundry area. I love having my laundry on the main floor.

You can see it tucked in behind here, along with our freestanding air conditioning unit. The home has radiant heat and that means no central air. While the main floor has been quite comfortable for most of the summer, the temperatures climbed up into the high thirties with the humidity last week and so we caved and put the air on.

There is a large window overlooking the side yard and the canal in the distance. We plan to create some sort of small built-in workspace to the right of the units, but that will come in time.

This is the West wall of the kitchen which leads out to the back patio.

One of our purchases for this space was a new gas range, which I love. I'm enjoying it so much.

I'm also very much enjoying having a dishwasher.

While originally we planned on replacing a lot of the kitchen, we've grown quite comfortable in it. But there are still a few things we plan to do:
Give the room as fresh coat of paint,
Replace the counter tops and backspash, 
Tile the floor (one day),
Replace the french door,
Finish the shoe closet,
Update the fixtures and hardware.


  1. Fantastic. This place is ready for whatever beauty you want to add to an already welcoming home. I love your style!

  2. This is nice. I love your style! Great job!

  3. Your kitchen is just beautiful the way it is. I love the way the exposed stone adds warmth and texture to the cool whiteness. Love your Ironstone collection! Linda x

  4. Your pictures always turn out so beautiful Maria, what camera do you use? Stunning kitchen as well!

  5. Nice. It looks like your kitchen is quite complete. You have covered most bases: from the layout, to the appliances you have. I hope that the sink works well, in addition to the fine overhaul of the rest of the room. The sinks and the faucets are often the deciding factors for whether you have a kitchen that you can be truly proud of. Cheers!

    Lovella Cushman @ Perfection Plumbing

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  7. absolutely gorgeous! thank you for sharing!


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