Saturday, August 29, 2015

Weekend Snippets

I can hardly believe that included on my list of things to do this weekend was back to school shopping.

How is that even possible?

I won't pretend though that I'm not excited for the Fall that's around the corner.

And it seems that each day it gets a little closer as the nights seem to feel slightly more crisp, and every now and then a maple tree seems to have started donning it's brilliant Fall colours.

Willen is up at the cottage for the week with Ryan's parents until we return for another week, so Hudson and I have been spending some time, one on one.

We spent some time driving around on Thursday afternoon, visiting some local thrift shops and market stands.

I was quite pleased with what I managed to find.

A couple of scrumptious buttertarts to be enjoyed later - and no, they aren't my mom's. She's humble enough to agree that there are a few other local treats that can rival hers.

Every now and then, I have something specific that I'm looking for, and while I could just order one online, I know it's something I could find for quite a bit less, and so I set out in search of it. This particular time, I was looking for a basket planter to hang on our door. I had seen a few different ones online filled with mini pumpkins or flowers that really loved the look of. I simply couldn't bring myself to spend a decent amount of money on it when I was convinced if I just looked, I could find a more reasonable choice. And in the end, I did! Two actually.

The particular one isn't much of a planter, but it will be perfect with evergreen boughs and sprigs of  berries tucked in it.

It was quite a bargain at $3.99.

And this one, which is a proper planter, was $4.99.

Another clear sign that Fall is on it's way is the October issues of subscriptions that have been arriving.

This lovely knitted cream throw was another thrift store find. It was $7.99. I couldn't resist bringing it home, even though I really didn't need another cream throw! I just kept thinking of all the love and time that went into making this blanket... and now it's sitting on some rack for eight dollars.

The beautiful grey herringbone throw was my anniversary gift from Ryan. We celebrated 7 years last weekend and he lovingly picked out something that was a traditional seventh year anniversary gift - wool. Apparently, by year seven the couple has grown comfortable with each other. The modern anniversary gift is office supplies, which made me laugh, until I found a beautiful Kate Spade day planner. Along with that I ordered a calligraphy return address stamp with our new address on it.

Us celebrating at a friend's wedding.

And finally, a trip to the farmer's market provided us with a colourful assortment of fruits and veggies.

All locally grown - how fortunate we are.


  1. which thrift stores do you go to? are they all in port colborne? so awesome!

  2. which thrift stores do you go to? are they all in port colborne? so awesome!

  3. So lovely!! What gorgeous photos...we do live in such a bounteous area!

  4. Oh I love this time of the year too! Your shop looks so very inviting, I wish I could pop in! Love all your purchases. Congratulations on your anniversary, you make a handsome couple. Love Linda xx

  5. Those fruits, the colors you captured say it all. Lovely post!

  6. Beautiful pre-fall post. As a knitter myself, I appreciate that you "rescued" that beautiful cream feather and fan throw.

    1. "Feather and fan"... I love that! Thanks so much for sharing the pattern.


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