Saturday, May 14, 2016

Our New England Getaway

Ryan and I spent the past two days in New England, shopping the Brimfield Antique Show and touring around some of those gorgeous states.

It was a fantastic trip - though I have to say, Brimfield's wasn't the highlight. In fact, while it was an overwhelmingly huge show, with so many great things to see, I didn't come home with one single thing. I admired many, but in the end, didn't find anything I truly loved for the right price. And I'm okay with that.

Ryan got lost in many a pile of records, which kept him busy while I wondered about. He gets just as lost amongst the finds as I do.

This was one of my favourite booths. There were many interesting pieces of ironstone, but nothing that I wanted enough to justify buying. The prices were just a little high for me.

I also loved these silver little hotel tea pots.

I found many beautiful pieces of art.

And some gorgeous pieces for the garden.

Overall, it was an experience. You definitely can't see it all in one day, but personally, one day was enough for me. We did intend to return on Friday morning for the J and J Show (the most recommended to us), but we decided it would be too much to do before our long drive home. And, as it turned out, we were very thankful we changed our plans.

I had bookmarked a bakery close by, the Publik House, which is in the historic Sturbridge Village, to stop at on our way back from the show. It was gorgeous.

How perfect was this little courtyard area?

After much deliberation (there were just too many to choose from), we settled on an eclair, a pecan tart, and an apple strudel the was enormous. These lasted us our whole trip - the last bit of pecan tart was finally finished with coffee this morning.

We then took our time heading back to our hotel in Connecticut, were we headed out for dinner, which we enjoyed on the patio because it was so warm. Full and ehausted, we then returned to our room to plan our route home.

Ryan surprised me the next morning by announcing that we were going to be having breakfast by the ocean the next morning. Turns out, our hotel was an hour drive to Newport, Connecticut.

We drove all around Newport, but decided to keep driving to Southport before stopping. We had split the eclaire with our coffee and weren't quite ready to eat.

When we arrived, we walked around for a little while, taking in the most beautiful homes and gardens before eventually asking some locals were the best spot for breakfast was. We were directed downtown to a small little restaurant called the Driftwood Sandwich Shop. We were instructed to ask for breakfast to go, and take it down to the harbour. So we did exactly that.

We enjoyed our breakfast by the waterfront.

We walked about some more and then took the most scenic route home, stopping from town to town, driving up and down quaint streets. There was so much to see, and I was so inspired by all of the gardens, and how well-maintained these historic homes are.

As we slowly made our way back, we took the entire day and evening to drive. Another highlight was driving the winding roads through the hills of New York, along the beautiful Hudson river.

Halfway home we came across this gorgeous old inn. What a dream it was.

But, no matter how lovely our little getaway was, it wasn't as lovely as snuggling with my sweethearts in my own bed this morning. 

We're enjoying a quiet, rainy day at home.


  1. thanks for sharing some highlights of your trip...looks like it was wonderful...quaint and scenic with yummy eats along the way:)

  2. thought you might be interested in reading this:; 'what came home'.

  3. I knew you'd like the Publick House! I stop every time I go through. They hold a lot of events at PH and over the years we've seen many beautiful weddings and family reunions there, so nice.

    I'm glad you had a good time. Every year when I go to Brimfield, I look for a vendor I had to pass up when I was in my early twenties and dirt poor - this lady had a complete transferware dinner service for 12, with serving pieces, in the most unusual mulberry-colored vine design. I couldn't even afford a treacup and she of course wanted to keep the set intact. I never saw her again but I still look! My friends call it my Holy Grail!

  4. How lucky that you were able to go to Brimfield! I see so many treasures just from these photos! I wish we had places like these here in the Midwest. I would love to make it to New England someday! I bet it's paradise for a history buff, old house lover, and antique hunter like myself :)

    P.S. This is one of my favorite blogs and I've read it all the way through, but I think this is the first time I've ever left a comment (shame on me!). Just wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate your beautiful style and incredible photography!

  5. I have always wanted to go to Brimfield als. I have heard it is very pricey then I heard there is junky cheap booths also away from the high end booths?
    The booth with all the ironstone I bet was pricey or they would have sold it all.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures

  6. I would say trying to do Brimfield in one day is difficult...when we go, we shop for three days..after you get a feel for the show and what is there you can find great deals at great prices but it does take time for sure....and once you have found those reasonably priced dealers, and there are lots of can return year after year....I'm sad for you that you didn't find anything... :-) Melanie

  7. Thank you for the pictorial visit to Brimfield an surrounding areas. Despite your not finding anything at a price you were willing to pay I think the visit would help train ones eye .
    Thank you and regards
    Janine BC Canada


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