Thursday, May 5, 2016

Spring in the Living Room

I cut some branches from a tree in our back yard this afternoon that have little white blooms on them. I'm actually not sure what variety the tree is, but I had previously thought the blossoms seemed similar to a pear tree. I'll have to do some research on it.

They make for quite a dramatic arrangement on top of the mantel, and feel very Spring-like amoung the collection of nests.

As you can see, we've also found a coffee table. I will get around to posting about it at some point, but it was an antique table that was previously green with orange underneath. Ryan cut the legs down for me and stripped the top which will remain the natural, beautifully aged pine. But the legs were too difficult, so we simply painted them white.

I have been on the hunt for a fixture for this room and just haven't found anything yet.

I also added a smaller vase of blossoms beside my chair.

I can't wait for the orchards in our region to start blooming. I've driven out twice with the intention of photographing them, and on both occasions, came back disappointed. They just aren't ready yet - likely around Mother's Day.

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  1. So pretty. And those white flowers are gorgeous. What kind of candle is that on your coffee table? I'm a bit of a candle addict, to be honest. I've been buying them like mad lately.


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