Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Happy Canada Day

While my home didn't end up getting any more festive than normal due to a very disappointing selection of Canadian flags, the evening was still lots of fun.

I swear, I could buy fanny packs, water bottles, crazy head bands, rain ponchos and even a Canadian flag travel pillow, but do you think I could find small Canadian flags? The closest I found were LED ones that lit up in different colours, but as they resembled light sabers, the boys wouldn't give them up. At least they had fun waving them around. They also loved the sparklers and glow sticks before the firework show began.

At least one of the pies was festive looking - a Strawberry Rhubarb crumble pie!

I don't bake pies often, but when I do, I remember how much I enjoy making them.

This is simple entertaining at it's best.

Drop cloth draped over a picnic table, an easy arrangement of Hydrangeas, votives in glass jars. It was a pour your own coffee and cut yourself a slice of pie sort of evening.

The other pie was a Kentucky Derby Pie - very similar to a Chocolate Pecan. The boys helped cut out the little pie dough leaves.

We got lucky with the weather as it had rained earlier, but cleared up beautifully by dusk, We just sat around chatting by the glow of twinkle lights in the ivy and candles around the deck. The boys happily ran around the yard until it was too dark to see and the warning firework went off letting us know the fun was about to begin.

We then took our chair and coffee to the front yard and snuggled as the sky lit up!

Happy Canada Day!


  1. What a lovely post! I adore how you decorated and am going to try this for a party. Simple and perfect. And perfect is the word for the way you did your pie edges. I do something similar but smaller curves. Do you mind sharing how you get the larger curve? My grandparents lived in Minneapolis and as a child we would go for a month in the summer. A neighbor grew rhubarb and I thought it was the prettiest plant! My grandmother would make rhubarb pie, delicious!. I live in North Carolina and I am sure it is too hot to grow here. But you have inspired me to buy some frozen rhubarb and strawberries and make a pie! And then I will try to come up with a lemon square recipe that doubles the filling of lemon as that is my favorite!

    1. Karen,

      I'm not exactly sure how to explain it but basically, I hold the edge with my pointer and middle finger, and then gently pull the dough with my other pointer finger towards pie center. To make them larger, I go around after this and use my pointer to press down each loop. It keeps the dough in place I find. Hope that's understandable!


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